Arum Milling Centre




Arum Milling Centre is providing the best quality milling service in Australia,
through a comprehensive and selective process, implementing the Authorise System; thus, one can access it very readily, whenever and wherever convenient.

Everyone at ARUM Milling Centre wishes to extend a sincere thanks to our customers,
their continued patronage and a cordial welcome to new customers.

At ARUM Milling Centre, our aim is to provide all our clients most effective but
stress free experience through encompassing and embracing the latest dental technology and our thrive to continuously re-educate ourselves to be at the forefront of dental industry.

In line with our aim to be at the forefront in the industry, at ARUM Milling Centre we utilize latest Top-Down Implant procedure methodology. With commonly used Down Up approach which is still the widely used methodology, final prosthetic implant is placed at the periodontal tissue of the extracted tooth without considering articulation of the placement, shape of the jaw structure or lining of nearby teeth. This often causes prosthetic failures as well as wider implant fixture failures causing patients discomfort and frustration.

At ARUM Milling Centre, we use the latest Top-Down methodology which takes your jaw structure and current teeth linings in to account, dramatically improving the accuracy of the implant placement and therefore leads to much higher patient comfort and satisfaction To further increase patient satisfaction, all our prosthetics are designed and manufactured in Australia and we are equipped with latest dental technology including CAD-CAM . Laser welder, Gold forming.

We also provide our patients dental programs as well as tools and materials so they can self-manage where they can at the comfort of their home at ARUM Milling Centre we continuously try improve ourselves and our procedures to ensure our clients leave our doors satisfied with a perfect smile.

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