Multi-purpose cook who makes sweet and soft snow flakes from drinks or wine by simple button operation.

Made in Korea "bing-su" machine

Transforms Any ingredient into Soft Ice flakes without Ice cube

  • Food Truck & Night Market

  • Cafe & Restaurant

  • Pop-up & Exhibition

  • Convenience Store

  • Pub & Bar

  • Kids Cafe

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Snowcook is a snow flake machine brand that anyone can easily make sweet and soft snow. With Snowcook's unique patented technology, whichi has been accumulated for many years, you canmake the best snow flakes without ice-cubes.

Air cooling System

Just plug-in power to the wall, it can be installed anywhere by using a dedicated cooler, and air-cooled development allows it to be used without any additional installation work. In particular, it can be used in food trucks and outdoor events that absolutely lack water facilities.

Easy to Operate

It has the ability to produce a minimum of 160Kg/day to a maximum of 182Kg/day per model, so there is no problem during peak season, In addition, the drum rotation speed can be adjusted step by step, producing the best ice quality snow ice of -50℃ depending on the type of raw material.

Compact Size

The "1"st smallest size "bing-su" machine ever, 250H x 220H x 460D. Installation space issues have been resolved and can be completely installed in small cafe.

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