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Hara Chairs



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The Hara Chair is an ergonomic chair designed to better support you while you to sit in a more balanced position.

Some of the benefits of using the Hara chair compared to an ordinary office chair includes dual seating, lumbar support, posture support and a chair that is customisable to the needs of each user.

The result is better health, comfort and greater job productivity.


What makes Hara products so different from other office chairs?

*Dual Seat:
-The dual seat supports the pelvis in balance thereby helping the balance of spine and preventing headache.
-The separated bases allows the blood and air circulation around the bottom area.


This innovative system has the following advantages:

– Better blood circulation in the perineum is ensured, stagnation of venous blood in the small pelvis is prevented.
– Angular pelvic support reduces pressure on the lumbosacral spine and ligaments.
– The spine is better balanced and acquires the correct S-shape.


– Provides better air circulation in the perineum. (The scrotum temperature for the normal functioning of the testicles should be 3 degrees below body temperature.)
– Prevents damage to the lumbar intervertebral discs.
– The feeling of fatigue caused by a prolonged stay in the chair is reduced.


*Lumbar support:
-Not like ordinary chairs, the lumbar support is optimally positioned for you and prevent any back pains.

*Maintain good posture:
-Ergonomic chairs may not be able to change your internal limitations, but they are specifically designed to correct the external factors. -Prevent slouching and promote sitting in the proper position.

*Customizable to fit each user's needs:
-with its adjustable functions, it fits everyone in different sizes and shapes.



Height adjustable Headrest
-The headrest is height adjustable to provide the best possible support for the neck.

Height adjustable backrest
-The backrest is height adjustable to provide the best possible support for the back.

Adjustable seat height
-Infinitely adjustable seat height allows individual height adjustment for each body size.

Adjustable upper back support
-supports your upper back, shoulders and neck, and is designed for comfortable all-day use.

Patened dual seat base
-The split seat base reduces pressure in the pelvis and spine. Adjustable Back angle
-The back angle can be adjusted infinitely variable by pressing the left-hand lever.

Chrome-plated parts
-All metal parts inclusive five-star base Castors Oversized
-with 50mm casters, Harachairs can be easily moved even on uneven ground.


Chair size         610x 690x 1120-1200mm
Packaging size 780x 680x 440mm
Weight             28.00 KG


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