About Harachair

HaraTech has Worked over 10 years to answer the question,
"How can chairs serve people better?"

Today, People spend over 6~8 hours a day on a chair. Inevitably, there are problems associated with the life pattern such as poor blood circulation around the pelvis, haemorrhoids, prostate disorder, and corpulence of the lower body.

Traditional Chairs consist of three parts; Legs, a base and a back support. A single base design is not sufficient to distribute the weight of an upper body efficiently before it causes back pain, Twisted spine, and pelvic misalignment. (As  shown in the image above)

Hara chair has changed the traditional single base and a back support structure. The base of a Harachair is separated in two and designed based on a human body science to fit pelvic structure. This along with the space between the bases allows better air circulation and helps blood circulation. (As shown in the image above)

The dual seat can adjust itself to fit ideal pelvic angel for both men and women. This relieves the pressure on the spine and pelvis caused by the upper body weight and enables better blood circulation. The weight of the upper body is spread evenly on two bases and the bases can be customized to fit and support pelvis of individuals. These can prevent problems caused by sitting in a chair for long period. Recommended for daily sitting sessions for 8 to 12 hours.

Harachair is designed with the concept of fitting the chair into the human body
rather than demanding adjustment of the human body to the chair.
A transition from static to dynamic design in the development of chairs
is necessary and Haratech is endeavouring to give people with the
best chairs.

We are opening the new era in a chair technology

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