About Ori-Back

“On the chair another chair”

Harachairs Ori-Back Support Chair - Sky Blue

It is a functional chair that is different from the previous normal chair. The chair will prevent any lumbar and pelvis related inconveniences such as lumbago. For those who spend a lot of time sitting on chair Such as students and office workers, the chair not only help prevent such bodily inconveniences but helps maintain a healthy posture,

Place this chair in any spots where you spend a lot of time resting or working such as office chair, Sofa, and bed. You will be Satisfied With the functions.


 Lumbar supporting function
When Sit, the back of the Chair will stay up due to the user’s Weight. The Chair naturally fits the users’ body, Supporting the lumbar and ensuring the right posture.
Prevent pelvis twist
With the ergonomic design, Separated into right and left, the Chair ensures the weight is balanced from left to right. Users will have to sit right. With each left and right body Weight equally dispersed. This leads to prevention of pelvis twist.
The folding function of the backrest
With backrest folding function, the product Volume can be minimized Which makes it easier to be Carried When going On travelling. This portability along with the tension and the resting feeling the backrest provides Will be Satisfactory.
For Kids For Teens For Pregnant Ladies For Office workers For Elders


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