The Story Of Harachair


HARAchair was created based on a ten years of research into developing a chair that takes each individual’s needs into account.

Size and weight can vary dramatically between different individuals, but additionally the pelvis angle of men and women is different ( 65 degrees for men and 85 degrees for women).



Most seats on the market consist of 2 parts: a back and a seat. HARAchair consists of three parts: a back and two separate seats. The double seat adapts to the weight of the person thanks to the pressure distribution system.



This innovative system has the following advantages:

– Better blood circulation in the perineum is ensured, stagnation of venous blood in the small pelvis is prevented.
– Angular pelvic support reduces pressure on the lumbosacral spine and ligaments.
– The spine is better balanced and acquires the correct S-shape.


– Provides better air circulation in the perineum. (The scrotum temperature for the normal functioning of the testicles should be 3 degrees below body temperature.)
– Prevents damage to the lumbar intervertebral discs.
– The feeling of fatigue caused by a prolonged stay in the chair is reduced.

Pressure measured in tests at the Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Institute for Technical Research



While sitting, 50% of the upper body weight is focused on an 8% surface area around the hip bones, pressuring both sides of the pelvis. Therefore, the pelvis is an important bone which needs to be supported effectively. Problems such as pelvic misalignment, twisted spine, headache, hemorrhoids and other disorders may occur due to improper distribution of the upper body weight.

Innovation & Benefits

The contoured high back rest and dual seat pads provide well-distributed support to these problem areas. By spreading the upper body weight evenly across the two bases, the HARAchair promotes these healthy advantages:
•It reduces pressure on the spine and ligaments, reducing wear and tear on joints
The angled support restricts the spreading of the lower pelvis, which in turn reduces pressure on the lumbosacral spine and ligaments, thereby minimizing wear and tear on the sacroiliac joints.
•It balances the spine
When the pelvis is misaligned and the ligaments are weakened, the spine tries to compensate by twisting into an S shape, resulting in further lower back misalignments. The HARAchair’s two separate seat bases can be adjusted to balance the pelvis and thereby help balance the spine.
•It improves concentration & circulation
As it provides more dynamic movement while we are seated, the HARAchair reduces fatigue and stress. The separated seating pads reduce pressure while promoting better blood and air circulation. The even pressure distribution can be readily demonstrated when a comparison is done with a pressure mapping device.


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